About Us

Discover every scent that is perfect for you with fragrance samples and travel-sizes.

We started the Cologne Collection because we wanted a better way to sample, buy, and apply fragrances.

1. You might not live near a retail location where you can sample fragrances.

2. Sampling in-store can make you "nose blind" as your olfactory senses can get overwhelmed by trying several scents in a short space of time.

3. Spraying on a tester card isn't an ideal way to sample scents as the scent can develop differently over-time on your skin.

4. Retail salespeople can often disturb your sampling experience.

5. Once you've finally discovered a fragrance you love, they are often prohibitively expensive and brands purposefully don't sell smaller, affordable sizes.

6. Traveling on holiday with traditional fragrance bottles is impractical as they are fragile, bulky, and hold way more liquid than you require.

7. Some of the most popular scents unfortunately don't have the best performance, meaning you'll need to reapply them throughout the day.

Because of these problems and many more, we designed an experience that allows customers to browse & try a range of fragrance samples at home and commit to the ones they love in travel-sized atomisers.

No more spending £100s for bottles that sit on your shelf for years!

Our customers discover hidden gems, popular classics, and everything in between so that they can conveniently explore the ever-expanding world of fragrance and build their own personal fragrance collections cost effectively.

Our mission is to help customers discover & own all the fragrances they love. 

We shipped our first fragrances samples from London, UK in February 2020.

Today, the Cologne Collection has served 10,000+ customers worldwide with over 750,000 social media followers!

We only stock authentic colognes from the world's most luxurious and well-known brands and decant our fragrance samples & travel-sizes hygienically using medical grade syringes.