About Us

Discover every fragrance that's perfect for you & own them all in affordable, travel-friendly sizes.


We started the Cologne Collection because we wanted a better way to test and shop for fragrances.

Going to a store and manually trying out scents is a long, difficult and impractical process - especially if you're trying to find the perfect fragrance.

Because of this problem, we've designed an experience that allows customers to browse & try a range of fragrance samples at home, discover the perfect ones, and buy all of them in sizes they prefer. No more spending £100s for bottles that sit on your shelf for years.

Every day, our customers discover hidden gems, popular classics, and everything in between so that they can build their own personal cologne collections. 

It's easy, fun, and you'll always smell great! 

We shipped our first boxes in February 2020. Today, the Cologne Collection has offices in London with thousands of wonderfully smelling & happy customers.

We only stock authentic colognes from the world's most luxurious and well-known brands.

Thousands and thousands of fragrance samples later, our mission remains the same: to help our customers discover & own fragrances they love.