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100% Authentic. Designer & niche fragrance samples decanted hygienically using syringes

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Another easy and quick purchase from Cologne Collection. Great customer service and the perfume I bought is amazing.

Cant recommend them enough.

Steve S.

This is my second time purchasing a fragrance. It came on time. I like the idea of them being sold as samples because I get to decide wether I like the fragrance or not.

Shanille K.

A nice selection of samples, quick delivery and amazing customer service :)

Thomas S.

Love this business. Such a brilliant idea. Will definitely be coming back for more. Cost effective for trying out new fragrances before paying large sums of money for something you may or may not like. Fast delivery too. Excellent work guys

Stevie G.

Customer service was really good I like how they value the communication between consumer and seller. Everything overall was really great that I will definitely purchase again

Stephany C.

I was sceptical at first, would it be genuine?, would it smell the same?. The creed Aventus was definitely genuine. Two sprays and I could smell it for hours. I’ll be ordering more to try

John G.

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Travel-Sized Fragrances

100% Authentic Samples. Decanted Hygienically With Syringes.

Sizes that make sense

Perfect for pockets & purses

For every season & occasion

Build a collection without breaking the bank

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